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Dear Colleagues! You are cordially invited to participate in XVI International Conference "Modern Trends in Training Technology Experts and English Language Teaching in the Context of Industrial-Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan."Date and venue: The Republic of Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk,...

The scientific and research work of the staff of Kostanay state pedagogical institute was organized on the basis of SES of the RK 5.03.011-2006 «Education system of the RK. Scientific and research work in higher educational institutions. Main regulations».

Scientific and productive activity, performed by faculty staff and students of the institute, was directed on implementation of annual and perspective plans of scientific and research work of chairs and faculties and related with:

  • Further improvement of higher educational institutions’ science;
  • Fuller use of scientific potential of the institute;
  • Strengthen the material base of the SRW;
  • Training of our own scientific and research team;
  • Development of scientific and research work of students.
Scientific and research work
  • Organization of scientific and research work
  • State budget scientific research
  • Research, performed on contracts with businesses
  • International cooperation
  • Information about foreign partners of KSPI
  • Educational scholarships and grants
  • Virtual laboratories
  • Requirements to obtain the title of professor
  • Leading scientists of KSPI
Scientific publications
The regulatory framework
Impact factor

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